About Assam Conclave

The significance of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to economic growth and prosperity is well established.

They provide the critical depth to the manufacturing and service sectors, foster entrepreneurship and generate employment. It plays a very significant role in terms of balanced and inclusive growth and contributes to the process of economic development, equitable distribution of national income and regional dispersal of enterprises by way of mobilization of capital and entrepreneurial skills. Policymakers, business leaders, and independent economists universally agree that there is far unlocked potential to MSMEs in Assam.

Assam today is on the threshold of taking a big leap in terms of growth & development under the new young, stable & dynamic political leadership. The state is endowed with plenty of natural resources, is gateway to North East India. Its unique locational advantage in terms of its proximity to South-East Asian countries means that Assam will also play a pivotal role in the implementation of India’s Act East Policy. The growth of the SME sector is essential and is extremely crucial to the future of Assam’s growth.

Assam SME Conclave, a first of its kind initiative in Assam that will bring together relevant stakeholders to deliberate & discuss new ideas, new opportunities, new collaborations and new policy imperatives to enable Assam’s SME sector take the big leap.

An initiative by India’s leading SME digital media platform SMEpost.com, Assam SME Conclave will be a platform for industry leaders and subject matter experts to share best practices that will help SMEs in the state scale up existing businesses and build SME competitiveness. Apart from insightful discussions, presentation and conversations, the conclave will also salute achievements of some of the shining stars of Assam’s SME Sector.

Conclave Goals

  • Bring together relevant stakeholders to deliberate & discuss new ideas, new opportunities, new collaborations to enable Assam’s SME sector take the big leap
  • Enable SMEs in the state scale up existing businesses and build competitiveness. The focus areas of Assam SME Conclave will be as follows.

      • SME Banking & Finance

      • Role of IPO Platform in raising finance

      • The advantages of Credit Ratings

      • Cloud Solutions for GST Implementation

      • The power of Online Marketing

      • Zero Defect, Zero Effect

  • Assam SME Conclave will also identify and acknowledge achievements of the shining stars of Assam’s SME Sector.

Partner With us to Build the Most Influential SME Platform of North-East India

Who Should Attend ?

  • SMEs based in Guwahati and from other locations in the state

      • Food processing and Agro companies

      • Tea Companies

      • Bamboo Industry

      • Mineral based and Plastic industries

      • Oils & Gas SMEs

      • Extraction and Value Addition of Herbal Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

      • Chemical Units (Cement, Caustic Soda and Chlorine Plants

      • Spinning Units (Jute, Spun Silk)

      • Hospitality industry and Tourism

      • Real Estate & Infra companies

  • Investors including first generation business houses and SMEs who are keen on exploring investment opportunities in Assam
  • Business leaders and opinion influencers
  • Government Policy makers
  • Executives from Banking & Finance, Digital companies whose products and services are aimed at SMEs
  • Delegates and members from MSME organisations

Conclave Schedule

TIME Agenda
09:00 am Registration
10:00 am Event Overview & Welcome Address
10:10 am Opening Address by Event Presenting Partner
10.:20 am Address by Guest of Honour
10:30 am Assam Industries & commerce blueprint & its implication for MSMEs | Special Address on the state’s Investment policies, and Ease of doing Business polices
10:45 am Panel Discussion: Assam SME Sector: New Avenues, New Horizons
11:15 am Welcome of Chief Guest and Conclave Keynote Address
11:35 am Felicitation of the Shining Stars of Assam’s SME Sector
11:50 am Networking Tea & Coffee Break
12:20 pm Talk: Emerging Role of SME IPO Platforms in raising finance
12:35 pm Talk: Addressing issues on liquidity and interest rates
12:50 pm Talk Why Credit Ratings should Matter to SMEs?
01: 05 pm Talk: Embracing Digital Transformation for building SME competitiveness
01:20 pm Talk: Cloud Solutions for GST Implementation by MSMEs
01:35 pm Networking Lunch
02:30 pm SME Mentoring Session | Business Best Practices
03:30 pm Valedictory Address by Special Guest
03:45 pm Vote of Thanks
04:00 pm Networking Tea / Coffee Break. End of Event

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Sponsorship Cost Rs. 15 Lakh Rs. 7 Lakh Rs. 4 Lakh