EXCEL Gas & Equipments | A farmer’s boy’s dream to become an entrepreneur

Going beyond the traditional occupation of farming of his family, Nitin Godse emerged as an entrepreneur after overcoming initial failure

inside-headerHailing from a poor family of farmers to setting up an industrial gas business worth Rs 25 crore – Nitin Godse’s story has it all.

Godse laid the foundation of Excel Gas and Equipments Pvt Ltd on December 31, 1999.

Godse was born in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, in the family of farmers whose father used to sell vegetables in order to meet the family’s ends. The monthly salary of his father was just Rs 400. He struggled as a child, but already had the taste of business since he was a little boy.

When Godse was in his primary classes, he used to sell glasses of water at 5 paisa in a local market. He would also sell vegetables whenever there was a need for money. He was too young to understand the family’s situation, but anyway enjoyed doing business.

Nitin Godse was inspired to be an entrepreneur as he grew up and later pursued his higher education. He left his family’s traditional farming business behind in order to work in corporates. For the same, Godse pursued MBA in 1996 from the University of Pune.

However, life is not always a smooth sailing. Godse encountered loss in his first business of procuring vegetables as clean and cut varieties brand, and was left with no profit.

In 1999, when his oldest son was born, Godse went back to entrepreneurship and Excel Gas & Equipments was established.

Company’s Profile

EXCEL Gas is vastly experienced in On-Site Pipe and Tubing Installations, subcontracting, supplying a variety of onsite services, which include pipe, and tube supply and fitting, on-site manual welding, orbital welding, instruments supply, etc.

EXCEL Gas offers a service for installation of Pipe / Tube fabrication in Stainless Steels, Electropolished tubing, co-axial tubings, Alloy Steels, PVDF, PP, PVC, Polyethylene, etc. These services are offered on turnkey basis from concept to commissioning. Tubing and piping are welded by orbital TIG welding resulting in identical welding.

Company’s Success

Today, the company ranks as one of the top companies in India. Currently, the company touched Rs 50 crore and has over 200 employees on its own payroll.

The company has offices across India and the Middle East, and the Excel gas team works around the globe offering their position. Its high-profile clients include the likes of Reliance, Qatar Petroleum, Pfizer, Cipla, BHEL and BARC among others.

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