The rising tide of cash flow-based loans

In the dusty bylanes of Bengaluru, a quiet transformation is happening that has been missed by banks on the main street. In a rapidly urbanizing city, villages have found themselves encircled by urban sprawl. Houses are tightly packed next to each other

B2B e-Commerce: ‘Empower intermediaries, not eliminate’

B2B e-Commerce is set to undergo a transformation. The new age companies like Power2SME, OfBusiness, Bizongo backed by VCs have approached B2B sector from predominantly eliminating the middlemen perspective. This business model is facing headwinds with respect to credit, recovery, tech adaption e…

GST 360°: Tax, in the bigger picture

Understanding is not merely a product of objective analysis. It needs a perspective as well. The national debate on GST is a case in point. GST can not be admired and criticised merely based on Rs 10 or Rs15 toothpaste and shampoo. It has to be weighed upon a broader taxation policy perspective. …